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YOU ARE BUYING 1 OFF PAIN-FREE TENS MACHINE $217 - Will ship FREE IN AUSTRALIA And accept 50% QOIN - 50% AUD Are you sick of munching on Ibuprofen and paracetamol to get by each day? Well the PainFree PF9090 is exactly what you need! As one of the most sophisticated PainFree devices released to date, the PainFree PF9090 is similar in appearance to an iPhone 4 and includes touch screen capability and sturdy casing. The technology integrated into the PainFree PF9090 allows you to use 4 Pads; 2 through each port where you can adjust the intensity of each set using the + and - buttons on the sides. PainFree PF9090 Features: 6 Modes with 4 subtly different treatment styles per mode LCD Touch Screen with Timed Backlight 2 Output Ports (use 4 Pads at once) 1-20 Intensity Settings per output 10-60 Minute Treatment Timer Screen Lock Button for safety Auto-Off after timer ends Each PainFree PF9090 medical device comes with: 2 x Electrode Wires Pad Holder Mini USB Charging Cord AC Wall Adaptor Small Pads Electronic User Manual Medium Pads Placement Chart When using PainFree medical devices, make sure the electrode wire/s are plugged in and the pads are stuck to your body before turning on the device because the sensations begin at intensity 1 when the device is turned on. Medical uses for Pain-free PF9090 medical devices: Pain-free PF9090 medical devices can be applied to treat pain and relieve symptoms for some conditions. Below are a handful of types of pain and symptoms you can use your PainFree PF9079 medical device for. Pain relief for sufferers of: Chronic pain Acute pain Neck pain Labor pain Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) Lower back pain Sciatica (sciatic pain) Fibromyalgia Gout TMD Osteoarthritis Nerve pain Tendinitis Leg pain Back pain Dental pain Post-surgery pain Tension headaches Relief from symptoms: Swollen/sprained ankle Circulatory issues (excluding varicose veins or DVT) Shoulder muscle spasms Stomach or leg cramps Carpal tunnel syndrome Tight shoulders Sports injuries Fluid retention Benefits of PainFree PF9090 medical devices: Unlike medications, there are no side-effects when using a PainFree PF9090 medical device. The PainFree PF9090 devices have so many different modes styles to choose from, you?ll be wasting your day away just trying to test them all. The PainFree PF9090 is a little sharper in intensity than some alternative electrotherapy machines so test each mode out on a lower intensity setting for a little bit first before swapping up to see how much you can handle. The user manual is also digital so make sure you provide us with an email address. Medical & Sports sole purpose of existence is to give you what you need: body-friendly technology that will cease your aches and pains. Get relief from pain today and get on with your life. Treating pain with a PainFree medical device is FAST-ACTING & NON-INVASIVE. Considerations when purchasing PainFree PF9090 medical devices: Although the technology has been in practice for pain relief for over half a century without issue, the long term effects of intense electrotherapy have yet to be extensively tested in clinical trials. Do not use your device over your throat, mouth or heart for safety reasons. Consult with a healthcare professional before use if you have cancer or are recovering from cancer. If you suffer from epilepsy or are currently pregnant, seek advice from an elected health professional before purchase. Do not use the device if you have an electronic implant such as a cochlear hearing device or pacemaker.

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