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Australian owned and operated, Dr Device is an independent mobile phone repairer as well as a telecommunication mobile accessories and preowned unlocked phone supplier. Starting from humble beginnings, young entrepreneur Josiah Kenzie started repairing phones at a young age of 15. Through out his experience working in the phone repair industry he found gaps to which no other company's were addressing. When in 2017 an opportunity arose to start a business he decided to go all in to create Dr Device. Having one business model and one business model only… good old genuine, honest customer service providing affordable and quality repairs whilst always upholding an interest in customers. Dr Device has evolved into one of Australia's leading end to end service providers in the telecommunication industry. From mobile and tablet repairs, to high quality accessories and certified preowned devices, we can assist with any mobile device need. OUR CORE VALUES SUSTAINABILITY - INTEGITY - SERVICE SUSTAINABILITY At Dr Device we are committed to being environmentally sustainable in all areas of our business. In an industry where e-waste is and continues to be a huge problem, we strive to do business differently and to make a positive impact. Every new smartphone creates 16kg of C02 emissions in the manufacturing phase. It also uses around 60 key raw materials that are mined in various parts of the world like China and Africa where they result in a number of negative social and economic impacts. With around 1.4 billion smartphones produced every year, we Dr Device are playing our part in reducing the impact smartphone production has on the environment by prolonging and renewing the life of smartphones by repairing devices and selling refurbished phones so you don't have to buy a new mobile every year. The team at Dr Device is committed to Repair & Reuse all that we can and ensure that 100% of devices that may not be repairable are Recycled through partnering with Mobile Muster Renew, Reuse, Recycle & Repair is not just a catchphrase or poster on the wall. Here at Dr Device this is our mandate in all areas and is one we wear as a badge of honour. INTEGRITY In the Repair and Telecommunication industry often transparency can be lacking and consumer trust is regularly undermined. At Dr Device we aim to always do business in a way that is honest, transparent and with the up most integrity with a strong customer first mentality. As the old saying goes, honesty is the best policy and we live by that. If a business cannot run with full integrity then in our opinion it should't operate at all. SERVICE Service with a smile extends well past the smile. At Dr Device we don't just aim to offer the highest level of customer service, but we thrive on it. We prioritise being a customer first business, that cuts the tech lingo and gets straight to the point using plain English. Service to us is not just when we have an interaction but is the complete end-to-end and after sales support. Genuine, friendly, good old fashion service. We accept 50/50 50% Qoin and 50% Cash Call Josiah on 0405 806 502

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