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Case Up is a mobile phone cases wholesaler located in Bald Hills, QLD. Case Up provides a huge range selection of mobile phone cases for different brands and sizes at unbeatable prices. Case Up offers quality and well designed mobile phone cases to meet your needs and preferences. Keeping your phone safe and free from damage can be quite difficult. A good case or cover goes a long way and some cases can add some style points to it as well. From the ultra-slim to the extremely rugged, there's a type of cover for everybody. Phone cases can be broadly divided into four different categories — thin, hybrid, wallet, and rugged. These categories are mostly self-explanatory: 1. Thin cases: These cases are usually ultra-thin and barely add any bulk to the phone. They are generally single-layer covers made with either TPU or polycarbonate. You'll find a lot of good-looking thin cases out there, and everyone wants as minimal a case as possible for their phones. 2.Hybrid cases: Hybrid cases are a great middle between ultra-thin and rugged cases. A lot of these cases are really thin and light as well, but offer a lot more protection than thin cases. Hybrid cases include anything that uses a combination of materials, like a polycarbonate back and a TPU bumper, like the Ringke Fusion-X, or a relatively thin dual-layer case. 3. Rugged cases: Rugged cases are big and bulky but will ensure that your phone can survive almost anything. Extremely heavy-duty cases are usually for those that work in harsh environments or are particularly clumsy. 4. Wallet cases: Wallet cases let you keep cards, ID, and some cash while keeping your phone protected. The folio cover also helps keep the display safe without needing a screen protector.

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