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Fast, Thorough Phone Repairs Mobile phones are an integral part of our everyday life. From phone calls to apps to surfing the internet, most people touch their phones more than 2,000 times a day. All of this constant and continual use, however, puts mobile phones at a much higher risk of damage and wear. At Brisbane Mobile Repair, we work hard to repair and restore mobile phones and provide outstanding customer service with quality parts and same-day service. Never-Ending Evolution Mobile technology has changed a lot since Brisbane Mobile Repair was founded and continues to grow every day. As one of the earliest established phone repairers in Brisbane, we're proud to have advanced and improved over our more than 15 years in business. We believe in continuous evolution and are committed to growing and adapting with the industry. Quality Repairs Guaranteed We love what we do and hold our team to the highest standards. Every repair comes with a guaranteed three-month warranty on all parts and services. Always Affordable Prices At Brisbane Mobile Repair, we offer genuine repairs at the most competitive rates. We will beat any written quote and never compromise on quality. Caring Customer Support We know that when someone walks into the store, they have a problem to be solved. We always offer real, personalized and effective solutions. Mobile repair services Our mobile repair services are based in Brisbane offering: - Glass replacement - Diagnostic service - Charge port repair - Wifi & Bluetooth repair - Speaker repair - Button(s) repair - Effortless mobile unlocking services

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